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Laimis Karciauskas  (2a00:23c5:1f8b:6f01:dc53:ff3e:ad) wrote:  Mr
royal panda inter casino Mr. Green

I need to ask itis good this site casino and if play roulette better play before slot games or you can play roulette without another game just how did you recomended

Carrie  (2604:2d80:c408:e49d:99ae:d0ea:42) wrote: 

Been looking for reputable online casinos that allow Americans to play. Coming up short. Would be nice if a couple of those were listed. Just found out the one I've been playing at quietly let it's licensing expire.

karthik  (168.235.198.*) wrote:  12bet.com

Can Indians play in 12bet.com or any problem raises..I play only cricket

dileep  (168.235.207.*) wrote:  how to play casino
classic roulette

sir how to make money on classic roulette in classic roulette we can use only 25rs 100rs 500rs 1000rs 5000rs and 10000rs how can I double my last bet sir plse help me

pasang tamang  (113.199.230.*) wrote:  which best ?
Pinnaclesports.com or comeon.com

First of all, thank you very much for important inform about to earn money. I always visit in your website. I understood all matter . But I have to ask question . I am going to open on bet-at-home and comeon.com . But I am confusion which best for payout. I need to real paying casino site. ok bye.

Paul Carter  (179.49.62.*) wrote:  Re: Thanks for your information :) - Brandon

There is no such thing as one best casino. It really depends on your country and your deposit, some places are ideal for high-roll games (for example bets from $10) and some are ideal for low-roll games (for example bets from $0.1). You can find more information and reviews here.

Brandon  (188.114.103.*) wrote:  Thanks for your information :)

Hey Paul i need to ask you a question... i havent started betting in any of the casinos yet but im going to start soon, How long should ill stay playing roulette for? and is it safe to play the same game everyday? Thanks for all your help

Paul Carter  (179.49.62.*) wrote:  Re: which best ? - pasang tamang

It is perfectly safe to play for 30 minutes or an hour per day, you can definitely play the same game everyday. Just remember not to spend the entire day playing on one website, that may look suspicious.

kkaassdd  (93.170.13.*) wrote:  LIVE roulette?

What is LIVE roulette and how does it work? I thought you play online and not live!

Madis Peterson  (201.218.63.*) wrote:  Re: LIVE roulette? - kkaassdd

Live roulette is basically the same as if you played in a real casino. You can see the croupier (who is really there) in real-time, you can interact with him/her and you can see everything on the screen.
You see the crupier - but the crupier doesn't see you. So you can do anything you want and you can also trust this 100%. There is a nonstop camera that watches everything so if you don't trust the software, you can always trust
LIVE roulette. However, there shouldn't be any difference between LIVE and normal roulette so just choose the version you like more.

ROSTOK  (91.150.242.*) wrote:  HOW TO DEPOSIT?

I don't understand how can I deposit money! It is too complicated!

thodi  (41.18.110.*) wrote:  Re: HOW TO DEPOSIT? - ROSTOK

can i use a visa to deposit via Skril?

sob_barged  (180.215.113.*) wrote:  Re: HOW TO DEPOSIT? - ROSTOK

To deposit with Skrill, you do not need anything special. Your regular bank account is absolutely all right. The conversion between currencies will happen automatically both when you deposit and when you withdraw. The only
thing you need is a bank account. If you have a credit/debit card which you can use to pay online, you don't need Skrill at all and you can just deposit with your card straight away.

Paul Carter  (186.42.112.*) wrote:  Re: HOW TO DEPOSIT? - ROSTOK

Don't worry, it is much easier than it seems. The easiest way to deposit is with your credit/debit card directly in the casino. Some cards are blocked for online transactions - so if the card payment fails, you should try Skrill
(or other wallets like Neteller or Webmoney). With an online wallet, you only need your regular bank account. When you use an online wallet (such as Skrill), you do not provide any details about yourself and you do not provide
your card information. It is also 100% safe and there are three different layers of security.

Konstantinu  (27.62.248.*) wrote:  A few tips

It works great but there are a few things that you must remember... I think these are things that a beginner may not perfectly understand.

1) your deposit must be high enough, you would lose if you deposit too little.

2) the deposit is really very easy to do, you don't need any special foreign currency account. You only need a credit card or Skrill

3) do not play too long in one day. 20-30 minutes per day is enough.

4) the low bet versions (from 0.1€) are often a bit hidden. If you cannot find a low-bet roulette, usually you have to deposit money first and after that, all games unlock.

paul  (58.179.78.*) wrote:  mr

what casinos would you recommend I play I live in Australia thanx in advance paul.

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